trex decking joist span requirements

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joist, the decking surface (whether wood or composite joist spacing may depend on the angle at which the deck Building Code and Zoning Requirements.

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TREX Decking products at Fox Home Center. fascia utilized around the perimiter of a deck must be gapped with the same requirements as Decking to allow The top screw should be placed 1" from the top of the rim joist, the second for specific requirements; If installing decking on an angle, decrease spans

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composite deck screws. Joists. 16" o.c. (41 cm). Deck Boards. 12" o.c. (31 cm). Joists Deck Meet board spacing requirements for Fiberon warranty coverage.


Approved Fasteners, Joist Spans and Conditional Considerations. 8 How to Install Hideaway Universal Hidden Fasteners. 15 . Plan ahead proper joist spanning if required Refer to page 8 for Style Selections™ Decking Span Chart.


A fastener that taps and drills its own hole and does not require a pre-drilled hole. Stair Tread .. decking must span at least three joists. For heavy items

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*Pay close attention to stair stringer spacing for composite stair treads. Southern pine decking may span 24” o.c. or 16” o.c. when installed diagonally to joists.

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Your deck will also look better and require less maintenance. Our pros stretch a string across the deck joists to detect high spots and then plane them replace old wood decking with PVC or composite, measure the deck joist spacing first.

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wall-to-beam, or beam-to-beam to support the deck floor and decking materials. with . Most installments require no special tools. For best results, use carbide-tipped blades and router bits. . decking must span at least three joists.


The printing on the side of decking boards are required by building codes. With careful .. A piece that snaps into top and bottom rail that gives precise spacing to the balusters. Horizontal trim board used to cover rim and end joists.

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Changing joist span, depth, and spacing has a dramatic effect on deck strength. This table compares requirements at both minimum (50 psf) and elevated (70