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Top 5 Low Maintenance Countertop Surface Options CounterTop

Homeowners looking for low maintenance countertops have many outstanding As a countertop material, stainless steel is as low-maintenance as it gets.

Top Designs: Net Zero, Modern, and Low-Maintenance

Nov 8, 2015 Top Designs: Net Zero, Modern, and Low-Maintenance The clients also wanted to utilize recycled materials and products that were

Low-Maintenance Materials Pro Remodeler

Low-Maintenance Materials. Remodeling clients are leaning toward products that are not only functional and beautiful but also easy to clean and in need of little

Low-maintenance green decking materials Green Home Guide

Jul 28, 2017 Nearly everyone will agree that the less care needed, the better. Here are six common materials for low-maintenance decking.

Low-Maintenance Decks St. Michaels, Cambridge, Easton MD

Providing Low-Maintenance Decks to communities in the Eastern Shore of popular and traditional option for your decking materials, the maintenance that is

Low Maintenance Home Ideas - Interior Design Info

Here are some ideas for making your home more low maintenance. The more durable materials may not be as fashionable and may cost more, but they will

9 Top Siding Materials - Houzz

Mar 8, 2012 But unlike our clothes, we can't change our siding material easily. . Like brick, stone is durable and low maintenance. Available in a wide

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Mar 18, 2018 Tired of spending too much time on home maintenance? Learn about these 10 low maintenance building materials that can save you time

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Feb 11, 2016 Manufacturers are taking note with a slew of products and materials that lower maintenance without sacrificing style. Here are seven tips from

Low Maintenance Decking Ideas: Choosing a Maintenance Free

Jan 2, 2017 In the very best cases, composite decking materials can be a lower maintenance option, however the better performing lines, with the longer

Choosing the Best Low Maintenance Siding Option - Allura

Feb 8, 2017 Vinyl siding is usually billed as a low maintenance material that will free you from having to scrape, paint, and otherwise care for your home's

How to Build a Low-Maintenance Home - Anchor Homes

Sep 2, 2016 Here are some tips for building a low maintenance home. Natural timber cladding - timber is a natural material, and as such is subject to a

Siding with Low Maintenance - ProVia

Minimal maintenance does more than save time, it saves money. With fewer materials to purchase, vinyl siding reduces the life cycle cost of maintaining the

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Considering Alternative Building Materials to Lower Maintenance Costs. safrail. According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration's publication of “Corrosion

Low Maintenance, No Hassle, Kitchen Flooring Options - The Spruce

Jun 4, 2018 Low Maintenance Kitchen Flooring Ideas The material that you choose for a kitchen floor has to be able to withstand all of these rigors on a

What building materials are cheap, low maintenance and can be used

For residential building in the USA, some possibilities are: Exterior—stucco (especially with dye for color so it doesn't need painting), some choices in tile, split

Low-Maintenance Low-Maintenance House Home Maintenance

Low maintenance is the way to go when it comes to your home. These 8 home materials will make maintaining your home easier and less time-consuming.

Low Maintenance Materials For Every Area of Your Home

Mar 27, 2018 Making your home both beautiful and functional has been a top priority for new homeowners and remodelers for years. Thankfully

Comparing Popular Siding Materials - Which is Best? HomeAdvisor

The prominent siding materials (vinyl, metal, wood, engineered wood, material is the best for your home, consider performance, cost, maintenance, and versatility. While vinyl may not need to be painted it often gets cracked, which is easy

5 low-maintenance flooring materials for commercial applications

And maintenance costs are a big part of a flooring system's lifetime costs. Learn about five low-maintenance flooring materials you need to consider.