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of balata gum. Although growth is slow, ausubo is planted for shade and timber. ft) in elevation. The tree is a primary species and is very shade tolerant. .. Silviculture of the trees of Trinidad and Tobago, British West Indies. p. 8-14. Oxford

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often called West Indies mahogany, is a tropical tree native to the Caribbean S. mahagoni wood is durable and highly resistant to decay and insect attack. Because genuine mahogany (the three species of the Swietenia genus) has

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Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago continue to be the major destinations for species of timber, increasing efficiency and productivity of wood processing

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Trinidad. Species composition, diversity and density of all trees and seedlings within the immediate area of . dominated by commercially important timber trees.


“timber” includes—. (a) all species of trees listed in the Second Schedule Trinidad and Tobago any Balata gum in contravention of the provisions of this

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conditions in the Caribbean countries has brought about a .. onomic studies of tropical trees and woods may Most tropical American tree species and tim-.

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Jun 26, 2012 c Trinidad and Tobago Forestry Division, Long Circular Road, St. Joseph, Trinidad and . plains variation in the composition of tropical forest tree species .. nant species that Beard mentions in addition to the timber species.

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Mora is a large tree that can grow 30 - 36 metres tall, with some specimens said to reach One of the most plentiful, high-quality, heavy timbers of the Caribbean and There are conflicting reports on whether or not this species has a symbiotic The wood is hard to very hard; very heavy; tough; strong; very durable, being

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Trinidad and Tobago: Breakdown of forest types, 2005 . Number of tree species in IUCN red list Value of wood and non-wood forest product removal 2005.

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Burmese (thit kado), Creole (sèd), English (cigar-box tree,cedar wood,cedar and Lesser Antilles to Trinidad and Tobago, the range spread by cultivation.

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The term hardwood includes numerous species of trees and shrubs with .. The beautiful wood and orange blossoms are similar to the Caribbean species;

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such variables as growing stock, wood and non-wood products, carbon, protected areas . Land spanning more than 0.5 hectares with trees higher than 5 meters and a 1980. Government of Trinidad and. Tobago. H. Forest cover, forest type.

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science/policy processes in West Africa and the Caribbean', 26-27 March . Timber in Trinidad currently derives from a range of sources and land types: the management for timber of trees and forest on private and non-reserved state land.

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Trinidad and Tobago's strong tradition in forest management means that SFM has a Most timber production derives from planted forests; the main species are teak Individually licensed loggers are able to cut a specified number of trees or

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These terms can be confusing since some leaf bearing trees can have very soft wood Mahogany which comes from the Caribbean is thought to be the hardest,

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Teak plantations have been established in Trinidad to pro- vide first quality timber lowing timber trees: West Indian cedar,. Cedrela in which about 75 genera and 1,300 species are to be found. .. and garden in Trinidad and Tobago. The.

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We stock the finest quality Trinidad Teak wood, plus many other exotic or domestic practices set in to place by the Ministry of Forestry of Trinidad and Tobago. Other Names: Teak, Tecca, Caribbean Teak, Black Heart Teak; Origin: Teak fields in which our trees are harvested from are not irrigated nor are they fertilized.