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When raised to deck level, it provides a solid, load-bearing floor - voilà, the family has a multi-purpose space! A pool with a movable floor allows the family to

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Apr 2, 2018 The walls are typically non-load-bearing or lightly loaded. Is floor sheathing alone adequate for load transfer to the floor joists or should an

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Below is a picture of my pool before drywall -- haven't had a chance to and talked with a pool rep about load-bearing retractable floors and

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Convert your pool room with a retractable floor. Convert your athletic facility or commercial building with a load-bearing, solid floor. Transform any single-use

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Unlike anything on the market our covers are load-bearing AND retractable; they can be designed to meet commercial floor loadings of 100 pounds per square

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The seating is usually installed around the edge of the room, Layout: The sports floor covering must be glued in the load-bearing areas as well as the Isolsport.

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Download the catalogue and request prices of Airfloor ™ By tecnostrutture, steel-concrete loadbearing floor slab.

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Sep 23, 2015 “There is not an affordable and automated retractable pool cover [2] WutPool™, 'Retractable, Load-bearing Flooring Systems & Automatic