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Oct 6, 2010 Peter Q Brown shows the construction process for an attractive new roof addition over an existing concrete

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Once you have finished extending the posts it's then time to put the roof on top of the posts and support it. The deck roof ties into your existing house structure by

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Hello, I'm debating adding a roof to my outside deck. The exisiting deck is only a year old and and is overbuilt when it comes to code. I have a

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If your deck or porch is elevated, even a little, above grade level, it's best to polish off the underside with landscaping, skirting or other methods. Find and save

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Check Roof Over This Room on the Structure tab of the Deck room's Specification dialog to have a roof automatically generate over the room.

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Covered Patio Plans. Extended roof over deck, covered patio of back porch. Extend Limestone patio flooring out more where it is not all covered with roof.

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Your 4x4 roof support posts must bear down directly over the girder, with . Look at Ryan's pic, and imagine the same shadows under the deck, but on the second level. It's 14-15 ft wide, and extends about 12 or so feet.

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Start with the rafters when adding a roof to your patio or deck. If the rafters extend over a beam, do not extend more than 1/3 of overall rafter length.

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Add an enclosed screen porch to your house using basic framing and deck .. Extend the trim around the corners and return it along the roof edge to the Nail a 2×10 trim board over the outside joist, 1-1/2 in. below the top surface of the deck.

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After installing the rafters, we still had to extend the porch roof back over the shed roof, We simply slid the straightedge over until it hit the shed roof and then

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Nov 24, 2017 To prevent the splash of the rain, but let the air flow, you need to place the patio sheeting over the top of the roof about 300 millimeters so that it

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How to Extend or Add a Roof Overhang to Building – Remodeling Tips - YouTube. Visit . How to Build a Patio Cover with a Corrugated Metal Roof - Over patio cement slab. Find this Louver Hardware System for Decks, Fences, Pergolas &.

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Unlike decks, porches provide shelter from rain and relief from sun. . When the ridge beam intersects the house roof rather than a wall, I extend a post up from It used to be common, when screening a porch, to stretch screen over the wall

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Nov 4, 2015 How to Extend or Add a Roof Overhang to Building – Remodeling Tips Click on this link for more ideas for your next construction project and roof framing repairs. Design of a roof addition over an existing concrete patio in