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Adding a railing to your deck is a great way to give it a finished look. You'll need enough length hanging below the surface of the deck to attach the posts

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If this isn't a requirement, it's usually easier to attach the balusters after you've secured the rails with the posts. Some deck-railing kits come equipped with

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Much of the recent discussion about deck railings originated with an article in through the joist or rim into the butt end of each block secure it to the joists.

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Feb 11, 2015 Are you installing your deck railing posts so that they're strong enough to do their job? Learn how Learn how to attach the ledger to the house.

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Building codes vary, but most require a railing on decks more than 30 inches above Mark the slanted top shoulder of a notch for a post that will attach to a stair

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Assembling Railing Sections Once the posts are all secured, you can attach the rails individually to the posts or assemble the railing sections on the deck

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Deck railing posts are often notched at the bottom to create a lip that extends a few inches over the floor of the deck. While the practice of using these notched