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Patio Roof Maximum Beam & Rafter Spans - HomeTips

Apr 30, 2018 An essential part of planning a patio roof or gazebo project is determining the number, size, The figures are based on quality materials. Next, calculate beam placements and how best to coordinate them with the rafters.

Calculation of roof over a porch

Calculation of material shed or visor. Visor Select the required dimensions in millimetres. X - width visor. Y - the height of the visor. Z - lip length. The program is

Minimum Roof Pitch for a Covered Porch Home Guides SF Gate

Match the roofing on the covered porch with the main roof. Determine the minimum slope of the roof based on the roofing material. The minimum pitch for

Gable Roof Framing Calculator - Gable Roof Plans - Online

Calculate Draw and Print Gable Roof Framing Layout Plans - Rafters, Ridge, HAP - Imperial and Metric. Gable Roof Framing Calculator - With Running Layout Points - Imperial .. All calculators on this site are geometric only. Check relevant

Roofing Cost Calculator - Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal

Ja-Mar Roofing's roofing calculator can estimate the cost of a roof replacement roofing materials to be replaced, such as roof overhangs and covered porches.

Cost to build a porch - Estimates and Prices at Fixr -

Mar 15, 2017 Average cost to build a porch is about $21670 (16' x 20' patio). Build roof trusses 3 and support beam system and tie into existing house (based on Total cost for materials is $1080, plus installation time of 24 hours.

Metal Roofing Material Calculator - Inch Calculator

Estimate how many metal roofing panels and material you will need to cover your roof and learn about common metal roofing sheet sizes and dimensions.

Owens Corning Roofing: Estimating Materials for your Roofing Project

In order to determine this, measure the vertical rise of your deck in inches over a 12" horizontal distance. If this rise is 4", then your roof slope is 4 in 12.

Roofing Material Calculator - Estimate Bundles of Shingles and

Calculate roofing materials including bundles of asphalt shingles and rolls of felt needed for a new roof. Learn how to measure a roof and estimate squares.

ROOFING CALCULATOR: estimate size and material cost

A roofing calculator is one of the most important tools you can have to much it will cost to repair and replace your roof with a new one using certain materials.

How to Price a Patio Roof - Budgeting Money

Calculate the square footage of the roof you'll need, the width by the length to get a base to start your pricing. That will tell you how much material you need,

Rafter Calculator » Roof Calculator » Rafter Length Calculator

Roof rafter calculations are simple with our online rafter calculator that determines the number of rafters required,lineal footage, board foot of ridge and facia, and

Roofing Calculator - Determine How Much Roofing Material You Need

Tips on measuring for roofing material including a handy roofing calculator that helps you determine squares needed and total area.

Don't Fall Short on Shingles: How to Estimate Materials for Roofing

Nov 1, 2002 Allow yourself plenty of time to calculate the quantity of shingles, underlayment, flashings, and other materials needed to roof a house.

Rise and Run Building a Porch Roof Cutting Rafters

Rise and run is critical to building a porch roof, cutting rafters, and even figuring out the amount of shingles to Calculate Square Footage for Roofing Materials.