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Most homes build prior to the 1990's were built with 1 X roof decks, with 1X6 and 1X8 being the most common. These boards are fastened horizontally to the

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Sep 20, 2017 Requirements for roof decks on which Owens Corning asphalt shingles will be Owens Corning™ Roofing requires all asphalt shingles to be


Water damage to a leaking roof can be so extensive that you must replace not only the roofing material, but also the entire wood deck or sheathing beneath the

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This guide was developed and edited for old homes from original material in the U.S. Roof sheathing--the material nailed to your trusses or rafters to which your If your old house has 1 inch dimensional sheathing (1x4 or 1x6 or greater),

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Aug 31, 2014 The decking of the roof is 1x8 boards (maybe they are 1x6 not 100%) 1xs for the roof decking was common place yrs ago and IMO better than

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Most old homes have 1x8 or 1x6 roof decking. Wood shingles were a common affordable roofing material 100 years ago. Over time with asphalt shingles

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Feb 15, 2011 Just wondering if anyone has used this decking to act as the roof .. T&G boards can give a nice ceiling finish to log homes and timber frames.

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2 x 6 Solid Timber Decking by Structural Wood Systems (SWS) provides the This decking is to be installed with tongues upward on sloped or pitched roofs and


Which homes have board sheathing? Exterior grade plywood was not available until the 1940's. As the boards to do the roof deck were manufactured here in the

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In older homes, the roof sheathing is usually wood boards. Over the years, plywood replaced boards, and oriented strand board, or OSB, has gradually replaced